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    Candy Tutorial Blender

    Blender Candy Tutorial

    Hello my dears! It’s great that you continue to accompany us on our journey. The situation is definitely not ideal yet and we would have wanted to make it for a long time, but we won’t let that stop us!

    Today we are taking another step to further expand our pool of offers. So we have our first tutorial for you! This stays online so you have access to it anytime!

    These are available to you free of charge, depending on the content. However, the more support we get, the more content we can create for it. Our supporters also have access to further, partly individualized tutorials and courses, but also to a look behind the scenes. This is a start, but it’s our turn!

    This time I don’t really want to stop you and tell you a lot more. The video speaks, I think, all by itself. It’s about using Blender’s cloth tool to create a very realistic candy.


    Of course, a lot of fine-tuning is required. So it’s still up to you what it looks like in the end.

    How long is the paper? How much is it rotated? Is the candy round like ours or more angular like nougat?

    You are spoiled for choice, but here are a few tips from us on how to proceed!

    Have lots of fun with it. : )