• advent Calendar 2020 / Challenge

    The Christmas bells ring brightly


    We are starting! A little slowly maybe, but December is getting closer.

    Do you remember I promised you something? Well it’s time! We would like to invite you to a little Christmas trip with our elf. She’s doing her best to save the party – or rather the game that doesn’t work as it should. With the support of the GPB, we have prepared a small advent calendar. We won’t be able to get it done in engish, but if you are very interested, please send us a message. Maybe we can find a solution nonetheless.

    What’s all about?
    Until christmas eve we’ll show you on a small scale what it takes to develop a digital game. A quick look at design, programming, and creating 3D models (assets).
    Every day there is a little video, a little course that doesn’t take much time. That’s why you get help from us: ready-to-use assets and our own level if something doesn’t work. No matter what, at the end of 24 days you will have a working little mini-game.


    • Do you need programs? Yes, but the ones you really need are all free. You do not need the others that we show you to complete the game.
    • How long it will take? Everything has not yet been clarified, but with a video and sometimes a small task (not every day) it won’t take more than 30 minutes – unless you’d like to do more.
    • Sure, it’ll be easier, but we’d also like to share the calendar with beginners so everyone can come to a result in the end.

    Special: Most of the work comes from two interns who are completing their game design training at GBP. You are very close to what you learn in the process.

    If you want to send us a message, please do so. Your mail and name are only stored to write you back. We won’t sell them or anything else.

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