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  • Adventskalender
    advent Calendar 2020 / Challenge

    Merry Christmas!

    We have had a turbulent year and the storm has increased again in recent months. And yet, in the end, part of the contemplative mood remains, no matter how far we are from our loved ones. Personally, I cannot…

  • Blender Candy Tutorial

    Candy Tutorial Blender

    Hello my dears! It’s great that you continue to accompany us on our journey. The situation is definitely not ideal yet and we would have wanted to make it for a long time, but we won’t let that stop…

  • Adventskalender2020
    advent Calendar 2020 / Challenge

    The Christmas bells ring brightly

    We are starting! A little slowly maybe, but December is getting closer. Do you remember I promised you something? Well it’s time! We would like to invite you to a little Christmas trip with our elf. She’s doing her…