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    Inktober 2020 – traces in the leaves

    Inktober2020 Nachtrag

    October was our internal start. The Creating Corner showed itself to the outside world, albeit on a small scale. Since a lot was still going on behind the scenes instead of really being visible, we still didn’t want to remain invisible.

    Here is a selection of our little warm-up work.

    Tinas works

    Angis works

    Drawing is sometimes part of game design too, depending on the exact job you’re doing – from the design of the characters to the level or the sketches for animations. Over time, we’ll show you more and more of these, and maybe give you a tip or two as well.

    We are at the very beginning and therefore do not know exactly what it will look like in the end. However, we’re pretty sure we want to make good software and that we’re looking for other colleagues along the way. Whether beginners who would like to learn with us, or interested people who are looking for insights and projects, or clients who want something very individual and need someone to do it – It is our greatest desire to create a community in which we can connect programmers, designers, customers and freelancers. A community that offers career starters and beginners a basis through further training, project tasks and cooperation.

    In the near future we will also be offering courses, small meetings (online and offline depending on the situation) and lots of information on software development. And the greater your interest, the faster we can create the network.

    So join us on the way! How about in December? With our first, small project. What is it about? We’ll tell you next time. So stay tuned!

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