• advent Calendar 2020 / Challenge

    Merry Christmas!


    We have had a turbulent year and the storm has increased again in recent months. And yet, in the end, part of the contemplative mood remains, no matter how far we are from our loved ones.

    Personally, I cannot see my parents directly, but we are on the phone and my thoughts are with them (is it snowing there?). The Christmas tree is decorated and despite everything I can take a deep breath and pause.


    We wish you a Merry Christmas! We wish you good health and a few quiet days, away from the confusion out there, and a happy new year that will surely have better days for all of us.

    Keep your ears stiff and please stop by again – we are still at the beginning and will endeavor to keep working towards our goal. Join us on this journey! It is sure to be exciting, interesting and fun.

    But for today: a rich Santa Claus!

    Tina and the other Elfs of CreatingCorner!

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