Advent calendar

They also play the song every year…

who does not know it?

And we also came up with a little ritual. Every year on December 1st we start a new little challenge. Within 24 days we will build a small game together.

It is primarily about the basics of programming, but insights into other topics in the field of game development are also addressed: How do you build levels? What is Flow? How are objects created?

Dezember 2020

Every year we try not to repeat exactly the last year, but to offer a new topic, perhaps also to provide some new insights. Nevertheless, the course always follows the same pattern and in the end we have a small game ready that could be expanded independently.

Dezember 2021

The offer is completely free and accessible on the website and Youtube. The software used (Unity3D, Blender) can also be used freely, so everyone has the chance to participate in the task.