• Challenge / Inktober2020

    The new adventure starts with Inktober


    Welcome to CreatingCorner.

    We’re just getting started. Plans and ideas should soon turn into results. However, getting started is not that easy. Especially this year there is so much movement everywhere that we don’t yet know exactly what will happen.

    We therefore ask for a little patience until we fill the page with further information. Soon you will find a lot here on the topics of game design, software development, programming, but also related topics.

    Take a seat.

    And so that you don’t get bored while waiting, we will join Inktober. A challenge where we want to draw a little picture every day.

    Have fun browsing!

    Yours Tina

    Edit: We have put the best pics of the month together in a gallery that you can find in the November 2nd post

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